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Author: lezzy Subject: First Time Lesbian Sex

Posts: 5
Registered: 12-22-2007

posted on 12-22-2007 at 21:45 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
First Time Lesbian Sex

Tips for your first lesbian sexual experience
Lesbian sex for the first time, you’d better begin with something simple. This doesn’t mean that you will get less pleasure. Sometimes common petting gives more satisfaction than anything else. In fact, many women are afraid of having sexwith a woman for the first time. They feel a little embarrassed, especially if a partner is an experienced one. Of course, it’s difficult to overcome one’s fears completely. Although, try to pull oneself together and do not be afraid to do something wrong.

There’s a lot wrapped up in your first time lesbian sexual experience. Whether it’s your first time having sex at all, or your first time having sex with another woman, being nervous is normal. There’s so much cultural hype about “your first time” and “losing your virginity.” One thing is true, you never do forget your first time. Here’s some tips to get you through your first time lesbian sexual experience.

Get to know your own body. Before you can even think about turning someone else on, it’s good to know what excites you. Yes, I’m talking about masturbation. Spend some time one-on-one with yourself.

Go sober. You want to remember your first lesbian sex. Sometimes alcohol or drugs can lower your inhibitions and make the first move easier, but you’re not as likely to do or say something regrettable if you’re sober.

Go Safe. Yes, lesbians need to worry about sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and AIDS. Unfortunately, safe sex is still not talked about very often in the lesbian community.

Fantasize. It all begins with fantasy. If you’re ready to sleep with another woman, you must have thought about it. What are those thoughts? Does she throw you down on the bed and have her way with you? Or do you go skinny dipping in your backyard pool? There’s a saying, you must imagine it before you can do it.

Leave the toys in the drawer. There will be plenty of time to learn about and play with sex toys. Let your first time be simple flesh-on-flesh love.

Relax. Take your time. Touch her all over. Don’t got straight for her crotch. Undress her slowly, appreciating every newly exposed piece of flesh. Kiss her elbows. Touch her breasts. Blow softly in her ear. Kiss her neck. Caress her belly, her inner thighs. Kiss behind her knees. Smell under her arms. Massage her buttocks. Slowly suck on her fingers. Get naked and lay your body on top of hers. There’s so much erotic fun you can have before you ever even touch her pubic area. Enjoy.

Communicate. Ask her what she wants. Ask her if what you’re doing feels good. Tell her where you want to be touched. Communication is key to any good sexual relationship. If she’s doing something you like, moan or purr to let her know that feels good.

Have realistic expectations. Your first time with a lover should be about getting to know her body, getting to know how to turn her on and learning what your chemistry is. Orgasm may or may not happen the first time. That’s okay. The point is to get physical, get close, express your feelings of love or desire.

Other Tips
Try to relax yourself and your partner. The first time shouldn’t be performed in a hurry. Of course, there are many advantages in having quick sex, but it’s better to put it off.

You should communicate while having sex. It’s believed that partners can easily understand each other without any words. But this statement is unlikely to be true. Sometimes, it’s not enough to have a good intuition and high sensitivity. You can achieve full understanding, but it requires time. That’s why you should ask your partner questions and observe her reaction. Ask her, what she feels when you touch her. At the same time say to her what you like and don’t like. Do not be embarrassed to explain what exactly arouses you the most. Let her experiment with your body. Listen to your body and take pleasure of being with woman.

Make compliments to her while having sex. This way you will increase your girl-friend’s arousal. Some women prefer to hear rude and coarse words, but not endearing ones. In fact, it’s a rather common thing and do not consider this to be abnormal.

When you become more experienced you can try some other things. For instance, you can experience fisting. This word sounds rather threateningly, but there is nothing dangerous if you follow some tips. In fact, fisting is a simple inserting one’s hand into a woman vagina. It took such name, because inserted hand naturally takes the form of fist.

Actually, the woman’s vaginal membrane is very flexible and can let pass the baby’s head through it. However, you should be careful while performing fisting. The partner should be very aroused and lubricated. Natural lubrication is not enough, that’s why you should use a lot of lubricants. The process of fisting mustn’t be hard or fast. Both partners should be patient and attentive. Actually to perform it in a proper way you need experience. Moreover, each act of fisting takes rather much time.

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